The Ultimate Gel Blasters Buying Guide: Best Gel Blasters Of 2019

The Ultimate Gel Blasters Buying Guide: Best Gel Blasters Of 2019

Want to know which are the best gel blasters for 2019? We’ve got the answers.

Gel blasters are massively popular in Australia at the moment and that enthusiasm isn’t showing any signs of showing down.

They’ve only been available for a pretty short amount of time and in fact interest in gel blasters only really started to explode at the end of August 2018.

This chart represents the popularity of “gel blaster” searches on Google in Australia for the last 12 months.

So if you’re looking to get involved in this exciting, highly accessible sport the first thing you’ll want to do is to get yourself a shiny new gel blaster.

Which gel blaster is right for you?

There are already a huge number of gel blasters available from a variety of retailers in Australia and so it can be very overwhelming knowing how to spend your money on your first blaster.

Should your very first gel blaster be an assault rifle, an SMG, a sniper rifle, or a pistol?

Should you pick a gel blaster which is inexpensive to start, or spend a little more and have something you can upgrade as you develop into a more experienced gel ball player?

It can be a very tough decision, especially if you don’t know any other gel ball players who can give you some expert advice.

Well you can breathe easy because we’ve collected and compared all of the information on every gel blaster model so you can decide exactly what’s best for you!

Which is the Best Gel Blaster for 2019?

So enough of the background, which is the best gel blaster of them all? Well there are a few solid contenders!

M4A1 Gel Blaster

The Jinming M4A1 Gen9 is currently an extremely popular choice because it’s a newer model of the already popular gen 8 M4A1 blaster.

The biggest difference between the two models is that the gen 9 features a sturdier all nylon frame compared to the ABS (plastic) build of the gen 8.

However the downside is that there are currently less upgrades and accessories available for it because it just hasn’t been around for as long. That will obviously improve as time goes on.

Some people prefer the gen 8 model because they can really go crazy with all kinds of upgrades and customise the look and performance of the blaster immediately.

But keep in mind, there are plenty of other popular gel blasters than just this model!

ACR (HEE) Gel Blaster

The ACR (HEE) model has proven to be an extremely popular choice because of its compact design and the ability to attach a variety of accessories right out of the box using the built in rails which come standard.

KRISS Vector v2 Gel Blaster

The KRISS VECTOR v2 gel blaster has also proven to be an extremely popular choice because it has such a unique appearance and can be highly customised for different styles of play.

Fold the stock in for close quarters battles and room clearances, or attach the suppressor for a little more range and accuracy.

Most Popular Gel Blasters Models (By User Reviews)

It’s important not to just get sucked in with all the hype.

After all do you really want to just buy the same gel blaster as everyone else has?

Probably not.

Here’s a chart of how some of the most popular gel blasters are rated according to reviews left online.

Best Gel Blasters Tactical Edge Extac
M4A1 Gen8  4.5(3) 5(20) 5(1)
M4A1 Gen9  5(7) 5(4)
Wells M401  5(4) 5(10) 4(2)
SCAR  5(7) 5(18)
SKD M4SS  5(6) 4.5(13) 5(2)
ACR  5(5) 5(4)
G36  5(3) 5(11)
UMP45  5(1) 4(3) 5(2)
Vector  5(5) 5(4) 5(5)

How does this chart help to decide the best gel blaster for 2019?

This chart (above) represents the review scores for the most popular gel blasters currently being sold.

The first number represents the aggregate rating for that particular product.

The second number (in brackets) represents the volume of reviews which have been left on that product.

So for example if you see 4.5(10), that means that this particular gel blaster has scored an average rating of 4.5, across 10 different reviews from customers.

Having these two pieces of information means that you’ll get a sense of the quality, and quantity of reviews for each gel blaster model, across a variety of stores.

Note: These numbers are accurate as of 24/1/19 and will be updated periodically.


There are many different gel blaster models which suit different play styles, and different visual styles you want to create too.

By using this guide you can create a kind of shortlist for gel blasters you might want to consider before purchasing. No more buyers remorse!

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