Is Gel Blaster As Painful As the Paintball Guns?

Is Gel Blaster As Painful As the Paintball Guns?

If you’ve ever seen or played paintball before then you might have been very interested in the possibility of getting into gel ball too. But is playing gel ball as painful as playing paintball?

Getting hit with a paintball

As someone who’s managed a paintball field for 5 years I’ve played a lot of paintball games and taken my fair share of hits from paintballs.

Most of the time the rush of adrenaline masks the pain of a paintball but you still do get the occasional close range zinger that takes your breath away.

After the game is where most people spend time admiring the welts and bruises they’ve accumulated, but how does this all compare to being hit by a gel ball?

When you get hit with a gel ball

Getting hit with a gel ball fired from a  gel blaster is a vastly different experience!

Gel balls a smaller, lighter, and move more slowly through the air compared to a paintball which means that it is almost impossible to get bruised even if fired directly onto the skin at close range.

When players are wearing clothing there is no pain whatsoever and in some instances players aren’t even aware that they’ve been hit with a gel ball!

This is one of the key reasons which has attracted so many new players (including young kids) into the sport.

You can have a fantastic time without worrying about the pain!

Know about the physical differences between a paintball and a gel ball

Gel balls are different in almost every way to a paintball.

  1. Gel balls are made from a water absorbing polymer, whereas a paintball is a gelatin shell filled with paint.
  2. Most gel balls are 7-8mm in diameter whereas a standard .68 caliber paintball is about 17mm in diameter.
  3. A gel ball weighs around 0.005 grams whereas a paintball weighs 3 grams.
Paintball vs gel balls

Even though paintball guns and gel blasters can have a similar muzzle velocity (around 250 feet per second) the fact that gel balls are far smaller and lighter compared to paintballs means that they have far less kinnetic energy when fired.

Why is the kinetic energy of gel ball so important?

The kinetic energy of the projectile is what determines how much force it will impact with after being fired.

People who’ve used both paintball guns and gel blasters will be able to tell you that the effective range between both is vastly different.

A gel ball slows down much quicker after being fired because it has much less kinetic energy and this in turn means that it has about 10 times less impact force compared to paintball.

Final Verdict

Gel ball is a fun, affordable, and accessible sport suitable for all ages and the fact that the impact is 10x less than paintball means players (or parents of young players) need not worry about them getting welts and bruises.

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