4 Tips to Become A Better Gel Ball Player

4 Tips to Become A Better Gel Ball Player

Having awesome looking gear is awesome but you know what’s even cooler? Winning gel ball games because of your superior tactics! In this article you’re going to learn some simple tactics to help you become a better gel ball player.

1. Choose the Best Angles Before You Start Firing Your Gel Blaster

One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced players make is how they utilise cover when they’re on the field.

When you’re new to the gel ball game it can be very easy to get stuck on the opposite side of an enemy player taking pot shots at each other.

This is known as a 50-50 firefight, and in this situation it’s essentially pot luck if you hit them first, or if they to hit you first.

You want the result of your games to be based on more just luck right?

What you need to do is shift the odds in your favour so that you have a much better chance of eliminating enemy players with your gel blaster.

If an enemy player already knows where your position is it’s going to be much harder for you to eliminate them.

This means you need to focus on targeting players who aren’t already aware of your position and attempting to eliminate you. 

The key here is using angles.

Let’s say you move down the right hand side of the gel ball field.

Instead of focusing on a players directly ahead of you on the opposite side, Focus instead on the players who are moving up the opposite side of the field then you.

Use cover to your advantage so that you don’t expose yourself, and take advantage of the fact that the opposition players on the opposite side of the field probably won’t be looking in your direction.

They’re too busy getting into 50-50s like a noob.

They will be more likely to leave themselves exposed and give you a much greater opportunity of simply picking them off as they move down the field looking in the other direction.

This approach is known as “crossing up the field.”

2. Like Every Game, Patience Is The Key!

Everyone wants to be a total badass and take out every player as fast as possible. We get it.

But it’s the rush of blood and adrenaline that is often the downfall of inexperienced players.

“Pro players move nice and steady down the field picking their next move carefully”

There’s an old saying that “slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”

Try to keep a clear head and don’t be in a rush to race to the next position.

If you’ve been able to take a piece of ground which was occupied by enemy players, capitalise on that by eliminating opposition players as they recklessly rush forward to try and hastily retake that position.

Use cover and position other players on your team to take advantage of the enemy’s flanks as they move up to advance on your newly taken position.

It’s the patient players who spend less time walking back to the start zone who end up with the biggest kill counts  once the gel ball game is finished.

3. Have A Clear Gel Ball Player Strategy

So far in this article we’ve talked about personal strategies and techniques which will help you develop into a better gel ball player.

However strategy means involving other members on your team as well to achieve larger more complex objectives.

Just like in paintball, the most successful gel ball teams will conduct significant pre-planning before the game begins.

Make a mud map.

A miniature version of the battlefield so that everyone can understand where the most likely areas are that the opposition team is likely to go for.

Once you have an understanding of how the enemy is likely to proceed you can place small squads at ambush locations, and choke points in order to take advantage of their lack of preparation and planning.

Now if you’re playing with a lot of people that you don’t know, it’s understandable that not everybody is going to be interested (or capable) of maintaining a strategic plan.

Don’t let it worry you.

Even if you have a small group of core players who don’t get triggered with adrenaline and run face first into a wall of gel balls, you will often still be able to turn the tide of battle in favour of team.

4. Have A Good Communication

If you’re going to effectively execute a strategic plan with your gel ball buddies, then communication is going to be key.

It’s all good to have thorough planning & strategy before the game starts, but once the first gel ball flies past your face a lot of those good Intentions can sometimes go straight out the window.

Having good communication with your other players is the key to winning the game.

In my experience smaller, less experienced teams can end up being completely dominant purely because they are able to communicate more effectively than their opponents.

Using your voice is the first thing you need to master.

Presume that people near you (especially players that you don’t know very well) probably don’t have personal radios on them.

This means that you often will need to shout clear instructions to help them identify players or to save them from being eliminated.

If you do have a group of players that you play with regularly, a set of personal radios that connects you throughout the game is an absolutely invaluable tool.

Being able to communicate clearly with each other without shouting so loud that the opposition can hear your plans is a huge advantage.

When you combine personal two way radios with your strategic plan that you conducted before the game began, you will have an enormous advantage over the opposition.


Follow this simple tips and you’ll find that you spend way less time respawning, and more time nailing people with your gel blaster.

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